Afterschool Program

The Afterschool Reading Program is a 10-week long extension of our Summer Literacy Program for K through 4th grade African American students. It allows students to receive one-on-one reading mentorship and support during the academic school year.

Summer Reading Program

The A4 Summer Reading Program in partnership with Springboard Collaborative is a 4-week literacy program for K through 4th grade African American students. It was established to replace the typical 3-month reading loss during summer months and accelerate our students that are below grade level to proficiency and above. It’s comprised of daily independent reading with a teacher, targeted small group lessons, writing, and family workshops to coach parents and guardians how to teach reading at home.                                              ​

“ I have seen students accelerate their reading by one or more grade levels during the Springboard Collaborative Program.”

Bethany Mertens, Teacher at McCardle Elementary School and A4 Summer Literacy Program 

“Only two weeks into the summer literacy program and utilizing the tips from the family workshops, our child had a noticeable increase in comprehension, expression of speech and confidence In reading. This program has already helped us more than what we expected.”

​- Sandrina, Parent of Pre-K Student 

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